What We Are

Hunters Helping Kids, Inc. (HHK) is a non-profit501c3 organization dedicated to inspire and educate our youth in wildlife conservation and management.  It is our belief that by involving our youth in outdoor shooting sports, the desire to preserve the conservation and hunting heritage will endure through future generations.


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How to Becoming a Member

Through your generous support, HHK strives to continue the heritage of outdoor sports for future generations to come.  Your membership assists with providing for our annual “Ultimate Kids Hunt.”  100% of all membership dues are used to buy clothing, rifles, and gear to outfit the ten kids who are selected for this exciting event.Each Member will receive an exclusive “members only” HHK cap, membership card, and a HHK membership decal.  All memberships are non-voting and are renewable on an annual basis.  In addition, Lifetime members will receive an exclusive personalized jacket that designates them as a lifetime member of Hunters Helping Kids.Remember, your support provides a kid with lasting memories, educational information and hunting accessories. Become a non-voting member and supporter today by clicking on the link above and singing up for a membership


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